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Amazone Film
Amazone Film
Turbulence at the periphery of a romantic encounter
À l'ombre

Written by Jacques Marcotte

A writer who doesn't write, meets a woman. This unpredicted, unexpected encounter will wake up all his inner ghosts. A story lightly ironic about difficulties of being among others, of living, of loving.
À l'ombre
Jeannine Gagné

Jeannine Gagné has been working as a film producer and director for 20 years. Among her major films are the children short ZigZag (2007), Pretend You Love me (2000, 12 min), the documentaries The Rebellious One (1998, 56 min); based on novels by Marie-Claire Blais, Dawn in the City(1995, 20 min), Vision du Réel Award (Nyon) and Best short film, Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (Montréal); Bébé Bonheur (1995, 52 min); and Drôle de fille (1987, 27 min). She directed her first feature film Waterfront Dreams in 2002 based on an Evelyne De La Chenelière play.
3 soeurs en 2 temps

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À l'ombre
Trois Rois

Turbulence   turbulence   turbulence  
Three Kings
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