Nestor et les oubliés - Benoit Pilon
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Nestor et les oubliés
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Nestor et les oubliés
Nestor et les oubliés
A documentary by Benoit Pilon

The movie depicts the portrait of Louis-Joseph Hébert, alias Nestor, an orphan in the Duplessis’ era. With his undeniable charisma and his words full of imagery, Nestor fascinates with his allure of an old eccentric biker. But above all, the love of life and people and his instinct of survival complete his portrait. Nestor is a fighter, an engaging survivor who compels the others with respect. Today, he comes along and supports his companions from Huberdeau’s orphanage in their fight to regain their lost dignity. In this David’s battle against Goliath, tears, laughs and fraternity blend together on an every day basis.
With Nestor et les oubliés, a concealed period of Quebec recent history emerges at the surface of our memory.

Distribution: Les films Séville.

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Nestor et les oubliés
Benoit Pilon
Nestor et les oubliés Benoit Pilon

Born in Montréal in 1962. After getting a B.A in cinema at Concordia University, where his short film La Rivière Rit was granted the award of the best fiction at the Canadian student film festival, in 1988, Benoit Pilon founded Les Films de l'autre along with filmmakers Manon Briand and Jeanne Crépeau, a production company dedicated to independent auteur films.
Nestor et les oubliés
Parallel to his career as assistant director that led him to work with some of the best directors in Quebec, Benoit Pilon directed several movies: Regards volés (1994, Golden Sheaf Award Best Drama over 30 min., Yorkton); Rosaire et la Petite-Nation (1997); Impressions, autour du quatuor à cordes de Claude Debussy (1998, in nomination for 3 Gémeaux); fifteen episodes of the TV series Réseaux (1998-99) and 3 Soeurs en 2 temps (2003) a documentary in international competition at the Montreal’s International Festival of Film on Art in 2003.

Roger Toupin, épicier variété (2003) gathered many honors in Canada and abroad: The Jutra 2004 of the best Quebecer documentary; the Bayard d’or of the best documentary in Namur (Belgium); the best feature length documentary at the Festival International du cinéma francophone en Acadie and a special mention at the Festival Visions du Réel, in Nyon (Switzerland).

Nestor et les oubliés (2006) is Pilon’s fourth feature length documentary. The filmmaker is currently finishing the shooting of Des Nouvelles du Nord, a feature length documentary which will be completed in Spring 2007.

At the fall 2006, Benoit Pilon will shoot his first feature length fiction, The Necessities of life, based on a script written by Bernard Émond (La Neuvaine).
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Photos (Credit: Michel La Veaux)
Nestor et les oubliés
Nestor et les oubliés
Nestor et les oubliés
Nestor et les oubliés Nestor et les oubliés Nestor et les oubliés Nestor et les oubliés Nestor et les oubliés Nestor et les oubliés
download Nestor et les oubliés download Nestor et les oubliés download Nestor et les oubliés
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