À l'ombre - Simon Lavoie
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Amazone Film
Amazone Film
In the Dark
À l'ombre
A film by Simon Lavoie
Fiction (drama) - Canada (Quebec) - 19 min. 59 sec. - 35mm - aspect ratio 1:2.35
Dolby SRD - colour.

Screenwriter: Cynthia Tremblay
Producer: Paul-E. Audet
Director of photography: Michel La Veaux
Sound: Thierry Morlaas-Lurbe
Production designer: Guillaume Couture
Film editor: Mathieu L. Denis
Sound supervisor: Hugo Brochu
Sound designer : Patrice Leblanc

Starring Julie McClemens, Simon Pigeon, Johanne Marie Tremblay, Louise Proulx

A mother who has recently been incarcerated refuses to give up on her young son, no matter how fragile their connection may now be.

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À l'ombre
Simon Lavoie

Born in Charlevoix, Simon Lavoie
lives in Montréal since 1998 where he has studied cinema and screenwriting at Université du Québec
(UQAM). Since 2000, he has directed several shorts presented in many festivals in Québec and around the world.
3 soeurs en 2 temps
For his films Corps étranger (Nearness, 2003), Quelques éclats d’aube (Until Dawn, 2004) and Une chapelle blanche (The White Chapel, 2005) he received three consecutive nominations at the Soirée des Jutra for the best short or middle length film, prize that he finally won in 2006 for his critically acclaimed middle length film Une chapelle blanche. In 2004 and 2006, he also won the prize of the « Association québécoise des critiques de cinéma » for best short/middle length film.
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Photos (Credit: Michel La Veaux)
À l'ombre
À l'ombre
À l'ombre
À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre À l'ombre
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